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New Site to Stake Profitable Poker Players

New Site to Stake Profitable Poker Players

A new poker site based in the UK is set to launch this Friday. The site, Stake Me to Play, will offer talented players the chance to play with someone else’s money and in return the site will receive some of the player’s revenue.

New Site to Stake Profitable Poker Players

Stake Me to Play launching this week will stake talented poker players looking to play with other people’s money.

Online poker staking is a well-established practice. There are a number of businessmen who have made vast sums of money by staking profitable poker players.

However, the new site is set to do things a bit differently.

The side will be helping players improve by offering them one-to-one tuition sessions, free seminars, phone support, subscriptions to the world’s top training sites and access to the site’s headquarters in Essex. The facility is a 1250 sq-ft loft which features a poker table, pool table, leisure areas and a lockdown room.

The site is also guaranteeing players a monthly income and successful players will be rewarded with bonuses, trips and access to company vehicles.

It looks as though the site will only be accepting highly profitable players who wish to advance their game. To celebrate the launch there will be a launch party and exclusive freeroll tournament at Aspers Casino on the 16th.

OCA News Editor