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Electronic Arts to Reduce Focus on Facebook Games

Electronic Arts to Reduce Focus on Facebook Games

Electronic Arts, the developers behind Facebook games such as Outernauts, Plants VS Zombies and SimSociety Social, has said that it will now reduce its focus on games created for Facebook.

Electronic Arts to Reduce Focus on Facebook Games

EA has said it will be focusing less on Facebook and more on console and mobile gaming

In a press release the president of EA, Frank Gibeau, said that the company has chosen to become less active on Facebook and focus more on mobile and console game development.

At present EA isn’t making much revenue from Facebook so the company’s decision comes as no surprise.

In its last financial report EA revealed that most of its profits come from smartphones and tablets rather than Facebook.

EA’s Chief of Operations, Peter Moore, said, “Our quarter was notable for the high percentage of revenue attributable to digital games and services… To that end, Apple was EA’s biggest retail partner measured by sales, and that, is a first.”

EA’s shift of focus will also be the result of the upcoming release of new consoles from Microsoft and Sony. EA will want to be releasing games for the consoles when they are released before the end of the year.

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