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Zynga Reveals Facebook Real Money Gamblign Apps

Zynga Reveals Facebook Real Money Gamblign Apps

Zynga is revealing its social gambling games at an event in Barcelona. The company claims that social gaming remains at the heart of the products, but they have the ability for real-money gambling as well.

Zynga Reveals Facebook Real Money Gamblign Apps

Zynga is revealing its real money gambling apps for Facebook, ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino.

The head of game partnerships at Facebook, Sean Ryan, is showing off the Facebook titles for Zynga. The games, ZyngaPlusPoker and ZyngaPlusCasino, have been produced in partnership with

The games represent Zynga’s best chance at changing its fortunes. However, for now Zynga claims the games represent just the first stages of its experiment.

The web and downloadable versions were released in April, however, the Facebook and mobile versions are more likely to see success.

The real-money games are based upon Bwin’s approved and regulated gambling games. Players will have to prove their age and that online gambling is legal in their jurisdiction. Zynga will be giving away promotional prizes such as a free night’s stay in a casino hotel or a free buffet meal.

Zynga has made sure that there is a clear distinction between its social gaming and real-money gambling apps so that players don’t confuse the two. The apps have different looks and colour schemes even though they are based upon the same social concepts.

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