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Dragon’s Tale 3D Casino Beta Launch

Dragon’s Tale 3D Casino Beta Launch

The Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, Dragon’s Tale, which allows a group of players to gamble online, is set to launch a bet version on July 12th.

Dragon’s Tale 3D Casino Beta Launch

A new kind of virtual online casino is ready to be launched with completely original games.

The game’s developer, eGenesis, wants to make online gambling more sociable by creating a virtual fantasy casino world in 3D.

Players can design an avatar to use as they gamble and bet using bitcoins while completing quests in different levels.

The quests take the form of mini-games of chance that require gambling skills in order to increase the likelihood of winning.

Instead of betting on slots, roulette or card games, players bet on challenges such as tipping cows, matching Ming vases, growing berries, fattening-up pigs and feeding evasive ducks. Players can also find bitcoins hidden in soldier statues and herbs, along with jackpots and multipliers in most of the casino novelty games.

The software is free to download and players can get to know the game using a small amount of free bitcoins provided by the site for practice play. Players can also find a mentor from the Dragon’s Tale community of experience player which will help them to quickly master the games and start winning.

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