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The Stars Come Out for WSOP Main Event

The Stars Come Out for WSOP Main Event

A player at the World Series of Poker was thrilled to discover he was surrounded by poker stars for Day 2A/2B of the Main Event.

The Stars Come Out for WSOP Main Event

Amateur players have found themselves sitting next to poker’s biggest stars at this year’s Main Event.

Larry Wells told his wife to look out for him on television when he found eight time bracelet winner Erik Seidel on his left and actor Ray Romano across the table.

The beauty of the Main Event is that it gives amateur players such as Wells the chances to go head-to-head against some of the world’s most famous players.

Wells said, “I was pretty nervous having Mr. Seidel at the table. It was a learning experience for me, watching how Erik played. He wasn’t really aggressive, wasn’t three-betting like some of the younger, aggressive players. He was solid-aggressive.”

The table was followed by a camera crew for almost three hours and Romano kept the mood as light as possible. At one point Romano said to the waiter, “I’m giving you a big tip, because the cameras are on. If they edit this out I want it returned.”

Wells earned his seat by winning a $300 mega satellite and said “It was a really exciting experience for me. I never would have paid $10,000 to enter this tournament. It was worth it.”

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