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Playsino Releases Poker for Facebook

Playsino Releases Poker for Facebook

Playsino has announced the release of the Facebook version of Playsino Poker. It is the first social poker platform which offers up to four simultaneous tables of play in fifteen languages. Furthermore, the game is free to play and offers a fantastic virtual gaming experience.

Playsino Releases Poker for Facebook

Playsino has released a new poker game for Facebook which allows play at multiple tables simultaneously

Playsino’s Chief Executive Officer, Alex Kelly, said, “The latest offering in our social casino suite of games, Playsino Poker, will immerse players in the most realistic experience of the classic card game available.

We have incorporated the most popular features from the real money online poker experience including playing almost anyone in the world in their native language, playing at multiple tables at the same time, viewing detailed hand histories and employing a player skill evaluation tool.”

As well as featuring great gameplay, Playsino poker has some fantastic rewards for players. There are some exclusive benefits awarded as players reach new card levels. Just like in a real poker game, if a player loses they will lose points which helps add a sense of risk which is missing from most social poker games.

The new Poker game will join Playsin’s Bingo World and Solitaire and Prizes games.

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