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Jesse Martin Wins First WSOP Bracelet

Jesse Martin Wins First WSOP Bracelet

Jesse Martin has won the $10K Deuce-to-Seven event at the World Series of Poker to claim his first bracelet and prize money of $253,524. Martin had to overcome a particularly tough final table which featured players such as David Baker and Konstantin Puchkov.

Jesse Martin Wins First WSOP Bracelet

Jesse Martin won the $10K Deuce-to-Seven event at this year’s WSOP

After winning Martin, who has finished tenth in two other events this year including the $5,000 Pot Limit Hold’em last week, fought back tears and said, “It’s amazing. If you told me then that I was going to win a week later, I wouldn’t have been as upset about it.”

Martin came back to the final table after the dinner break with the cheap lead and before long he was playing Baker heads-up.

Surprisingly the heads-up stage was very short and it took Martin just five hands to win the tournament.

In the final hand Martin raised to 62,000 on the button and Baker three-bet all in for 447,000. Martin called and both players chose to draw one card. Martin had the better draw with 8 clubs, 7 diamonds, 3 diamonds and 2 diamonds against Bakers 9 clubs, 6 diamonds, 5 clubs and 2 spades. The two players drew their final card, Baker drew a king of spades and Martin a 10 diamonds to win him the tournament.

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