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UK Online Gambling Industry Now Worth Over £2 Billion

UK Online Gambling Industry Now Worth Over £2 Billion

The last few years have seen online gambling’s popularity sore in the UK to the point where the industry was worth over £2 billion last year.

UK Online Gambling Industry Now Worth Over £2 Billion

Recently released figures show that the UK’s online gambling industry is now worth over £2 billion.

Numerous gambling websites have seen massive growth, particularly over the last few years as UK residents have changed their entertainment habits. As the financial crisis hit stopped going out as regularly and instead sort other forms of entertainment. As a result people were able to spend money they saved on online gambling.

Furthermore, due to people’s busy lifestyles people are looking for forms of entertainment that can be enjoyed at any time of day or night and without much hassle.

Another contributing factor is the smoking ban, since people can no longer smoke while playing in casinos they are increasingly trying to recreate the experience in their own homes.

Industry experts are saying that online gambling will continue to grow and become an even more valuable industry. As people continue to look for ways of enjoying themselves that not only save them money but fit in with the demands of the modern lifestyle, online casinos can look forward to many more years of high profits.

OCA News Editor