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Shulman Returns to WSOP Wearing Last Year’s Bracelet

Shulman Returns to WSOP Wearing Last Year’s Bracelet

Last year Allyn Jaffrey Shulman invested $1,000 in the Seniors Championship at the WSOP and walked away with $603,713 prize money. Describing the event Shulman said that it “was absolutely a sterling moment in my life.”

Shulman Returns to WSOP Wearing Last Year’s Bracelet

Allyn Jaffrey Shulman, the winner of last year’s Seniors Championship at the WSOP, returned wearing her bracelet to this year’s tournament

This year the 58-year-old returned wearing her gold bracelet from last year’s victory and hoping to win another. However, unfortunately for Shulman she was eliminated at around 9pm on Friday.

A massive 4,407 players took part in the Seniors Championship which pushed the prize pool almost to $4 million. The winner will walk away with $634,908 and the top six players will also receive six-figure payouts.

Shulman has described how hard she has to work to remain at the top of her game, “When you’re over 50 and you may not be able to sit for over 12 hours and you lose your attention, I think keeping yourself in shape, eating correctly, not drinking, all those things help. Every little advantage is important.”

Schulman has said that she also thinks the senior’s games are more enjoyable than the other events, “there aren’t the same shenanigans at the table. There’s no nastiness. Everybody is friendly… You want to win the tournament, but everybody is classy. You almost never hear or see somebody acting inappropriately in a senior’s event.”

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