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Microgames Network Launches Nigeria’s First Online Casino

Microgames Network Launches Nigeria’s First Online Casino

Nigeria’s first online casino,, has been launched by Microgames Networks.

Microgames Network Launches Nigeria’s First Online Casino

Microgames Network has launched Nigeria’s first online casino with a unique roulette game on offer

The Managing Director and Chief Executive of Microgames Networks, Barry Nyong, said that “the new platform is designed to make online gaming as easy as possible, with no software to install, requiring only flash player and java enabled computer browser, which is today’s global de facto standard for real time gaming.”

The company also announced that it has received permission from the National Lottery Regulatory Commission to release its simplified version of roulette to Nigeria’s online gaming market.

Nyong said, “The portal which is designed to provide both online arcade and casino gaming services is Nigeria’s first and only online casino for now, and provides only roulette gaming. video roulette is currently the simplest roulette casino game worldwide, as it eliminates the learning complexity associated with traditional roulette casino gaming, leaving gamers with a game that is simple to play, yet thrilling with super lucrative payouts.”

The site is offering some great bonuses for new players worth between N500 and N20,000 and returning players can receive up to N15,000 just for logging on.

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