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Criminal Case is Second on Facebook’s Most Played List

Criminal Case is Second on Facebook’s Most Played List

Social gaming giant Zynga took yet another blow when Pretty Simple Games, the developer studio that created Criminal Case, overtook all Zynga games in popularity landing a very prestigious second place on Facebook’s most played games list.

Criminal Case is Second on Facebook’s Most Played List

Pretty Simple Games’ Criminal Case overtook all Zynga games as it is now the second most popular game on Facebook

The only game played more often than Criminal Case was Candy Crush by

This comes at a particularly painful time for Zynga as the company has recently announced a major lay off of staff in the coming few months.

Pretty Simple Games, a relatively small independent studio based in France achieved very impressive results with Criminal Case, with a staggering 17 million likes on Facebook and 9 million daily active users, an unprecedented success story for the studio.

The studio kicked off as a relatively small start-up and it fits in the current trend of smaller sized developing firms leading the way ahead of giants such as Zynga.

Criminal Case is a traditional “who dunnit” with players out to find murderers, evaluate clues and making arrests. It is reported that the average gamer will play Criminal Case with around 20 friends which really takes full advantage of Facebook’s social element.

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