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Will Land Casinos Survive Online Gambling?

Will Land Casinos Survive Online Gambling?

Since internet gambling became popular the question has been whether land casinos can ultimately survive.

Will Land Casinos Survive Online Gambling?

As online gambling is regulated in more and more markets, will traditional land casinos survive?

At the 15th International Conference on Gambling and Risk Taking, hosted at Caesars Palace this week, a number of industry experts and players offered their opinions as part of a panel moderated by Joshua Smith of Colliers International Gaming Group.

Tom Breitling, the CEO of Ultimate Poker, said that as it’s a state-by-state issue in America there will be two diverging paths. He explained that “New Jersey has passed full-blow online casino gaming. So, just imagine a casino on your smart phone, and their revenues have been down.”

Mark Lipparelli, former chairman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, said that “the question of cannibalization is a difficult one. No one I think has a precise answer. I look at that from the perspective of a channel of distribution and whether there’s overlap and what kind of opportunities exist to attract a whole new generation of customers to resorts.”

Lipparelli went on to say that the next generation of gamblers which has grown up with social gaming won’t be “traditional customers that a brand would go after, but that [social gaming] is a potential exposure of an idea or a concept or games that might ultimately turn those people into customer.”

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