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Surrey Man Claims $31 Million Jackpot Win

Surrey Man Claims $31 Million Jackpot Win

For a month and a half Harry Black was walking around with over $31 million in his wallet. It took that long for Black to claim the largest single jackpot win in Canadian lottery history. His prize was two separate cheques worth $15.8 million each.

Surrey Man Claims $31 Million Jackpot Win

Harry Black from Surrey, Canada, has been keeping two winning lottery tickets in his wallet for six weeks

The 66 year old said, he’s been keeping the tickets “in my wallet because who’s gonna take it from me?”

Black, from Surrey, said that he has been using the same numbers for 35 years and normally buys a pair of tickets with identical numbers.

His strategy has obviously paid off with what BC Lottery Corporation vice-president of gaming Kevin Gass called “about a [email protected] shot of claiming two prizes on such a huge jackpot.

Black said that he took his time to claim the prize as he wanted to deal with the stress of winning and to plan what to do with the money.

Black said he plans to go on his first holiday which he hopes will last for a couple of years, “I’ve gone a lifetime without taking a holiday, I’ve got to make up for it.”

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