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Mystery Briton Wins £81 Million Jackpot

Mystery Briton Wins £81 Million Jackpot

An extremely lucky British citizen has won an amazing £81 million EuroMillion jackpot. The mystery winner’s prize places him at number sixth on the National Lottery Rich List.

Mystery Briton Wins £81 Million Jackpot

An unknown Briton was the winner of the £81 million EuroMillion jackpot last weekend

A spokesman for the National Lottery said, “We’ve been giving the rest of Europe a chance to win big this year but Lady Luck is clearly shining back down on the UK once again.

This new jackpot winning ticket-holder flies into sixth place in the exclusive National Lottery Rich List just behind an anonymous ticket-holder who won £84.4 million in May 2010.”

The spokesman went on to say that this weekend’s EuroMillions Millionaire Raffle guarantees that a lucky ticket holder will win £1 million per month for a whole year.

Judging by the Sunday Times Rich List 2012 a win of £80 million would make you the joint 908th richest person in England. The winner will be four times richer than Adele who has a fortune of £20 million.

The money is enough to buy a Greek island such as Omfori which is being advertised for just over £40 million. Alternatively, the money could be used to buy one of the UK’s most expensvie homes in Regent’s Park which sold in March for £80 million.

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