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Lottery Jackpots Up for Grabs

Lottery Jackpots Up for Grabs

Over the weekend some people were turned into millionaires thanks to lottery jackpots. Of course there were also a number of jackpots which nobody won.

Lottery Jackpots Up for Grabs

Each weekend a few lucky lottery winners become millionaires and this weekend was no exception

Florida residents looking for large jackpots will be pleased to hear that the Florida Lotto jackpot has grown to $15 million after no one matched the six winning numbers over the weekend.

Meanwhile in Ontario, someone was lucky enough to hit the Lotto 6-49 Jackpot over the weekend worth an estimated $11.6 million.

The OLG has not said what are the ticket was sold in or if it was bought by a group or an individual.

Winning a huge jackpot will certainly change your life. In 2009 Tom McMillan won a $14 million jackpot playing slots at Biloxi casino. Since then he has been living his dream lifestyle.

In the centre of his house he has an antique bar which he bought in Weatherford and reassembled himself. The room is also full of Saints and NASCAR memorabilia. McMillan and his wife even bought a share in their own race car.

McMillan was playing his favourite Wheel of Fortune progressive slot machine when he won. He bet $300 and was down to just $10 when he won.

OCA News Editor