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Mississippi Slot Game Winner’s Dream Worthy Lifestyle

Mississippi Slot Game Winner’s Dream Worthy Lifestyle

Many of us dream of winning a huge lottery jackpot or walking away with a staggering casino win. For one man dream became reality four years ago on the fateful day of 10 February 2009.

Mississippi Slot Game Winner’s Dream Worthy Lifestyle

Woolmarket based Tom McMillan lives his dream after $14 million record breaking win.

Tom McMillan, a former trainer for maintenance supervisors enjoying his retirement in Woolmarket, Mississippi, played one of his favourite slot games, the appropriately named Wheel of Fortune at the Hard Rock Casino. Mr McMillan got the shock of his life when the game ended in a state record breaking $14 million prize.

The McMillans chose the $9.1 million lump sum cash option and never looked back. They decided early on not to change their lifestyles and to this day they live in their old house, albeit with no mortgage hanging over their heads.

Ms Miller added “we weren’t the type to go get a mansion, get people living in, nannies, all that stuff… housekeepers and chauffeurs, no, that’s just not us”. However, they helped many friends and family members and discovered a new hobby, NASCAR and now they own a share in a racing car.

Mr McMillan was also happy to start his very own hot rods collection which he likes showing off when riding along the coast.

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