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Betting on the Queen’s Abdication

Betting on the Queen’s Abdication

A recent poll shows that most voters believe that Queen Elizabeth II should abdicate from the throne if she becomes too ill to fulfil her duties.

Betting on the Queen’s Abdication

A recent poll has shown that most voters believe Queen Elizabeth II should abdicate if her health prevents her from conducting official duties

The poll conducted by the Sunday Times/YouGov showed that 48% of British voters believe that the queen should abdicate while 43% believe that she should continue even if she is too ill to fulfil all her duties.

The survey, which was conducted over May 9-10 also found that 53% of Britons believe the Queen shouldn’t abdicate and remain in her role for life a fall of 64% from March. The data showed that support for Prince Charles is rising with 50% of people saying he would make a good king, this is 13% more than in May last year.

The poll was conducted after it was announced that the Prince of Wales will represent the Queen at the Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka this year.

Prince Charles also attended the State Opening of Parliament this year for the first time in 17 years.

Paddy Power are offering odds of 9/2 that Queen Elizabeth will abdicate this year, so if you think it’s likely, now is the perfect time to place your bets.

OCA News Editor