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Candy Crush Saga Crushes Zynga

Candy Crush Saga Crushes Zynga

Social gaming is a huge business and as such is incredibly competitive. As a result the landscape is always changing and no developer can be sure of their share.

Candy Crush Saga Crushes Zynga

King’s Candy Crush Saga is quickly leaving competitor Zynga behind in the casual gaming market.

Last month developer King overtook Zynga to be the most popular on Facebook thanks to its Candy Crush Saga.

In the meantime other developers, such as Disney and Zynga, are continually losing active users.

In a note to investors Cowen and Co. analyst Doug Creutz wrote,  “King’s color-matching [puzzler Candy Crush Saga], which debuted last November, now holds the No. 1 ranking in all of our mobile top-grossing charts and is No. 1 by daily active users on the Facebook platform, while placing No. 2 on our Facebook top-grossing chart behind Zynga’s Farmville 2.”

Creutz went on to note that companies such as Electronic Arts, DeNA, Gree, Supercell, and Kabam are fast catching up with leaders such as Zynga. He said that “ [is] shedding players fast. We estimate that the average number of players on Zynga’s homegrown gaming platform dropped by 20 percent during April and is down 33 percent since January.”

OCA News Editor