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Bulkypix Released Undead Soccer

Bulkypix Released Undead Soccer

Fans of zombies and sports will love the new game from Bulkypix, Undead Soccer. The game is a cross between a first-person shooter and a sports games which sees players kicking a super powered football ball at zombies.

Bulkypix Released Undead Soccer

A new social game sees players take on hoards of zombies by killing them with special powered footballs

As a hoard of zombies approaches players must flick the football balls at them in order to survive.

Aiming is achieved by tilting the device left and right to pan around and then you simply fire until the zombies get you. The graphics are cool and there are lots of different power ups and types of zombies.

However, the game costs almost $2.60 in Google Play which many will consider a little expensive. Furthermore, there are fast amounts of in-app purchases.

There are currency packs, single-use abilities, continues and upgrades available, all of which cost more money. They are continually displayed in pop ups designed to make you spend more money.

In addition to all of this the game is full of adverts. So while it is a great idea and fun to play, to continual pressure to spend money is fairly irritating.

OCA News Editor