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Lotto Roundup – The Latest Jackpot News

Lotto Roundup – The Latest Jackpot News

Players of the Florida Lotto have the chance to win a $9 million jackpot after no one matched the six winning numbers in the last draw.

Lotto Roundup – The Latest Jackpot News

There are millions of dollars in lottery jackpots up for grabs over the next few days across the US

There were 31 tickets which matched five numbers to win $5,698.50 each and 1,794 tickets matched four numbers to win $78. There were a further 36,347 tickets which matched three numbers and won $5 dollars each.

In California three tickets are sharing the $1.7 million California Lottery jackpot after matching five out of six numbers in the Powerball jackpot draw. Officials recently announced that one of the tickets was sold in Petaluma, one in El Dorado County and the other in Pasadena.

Each ticket is worth $573,694 and players have 180 days in which to claim their cash prize. The winning numbers were 6, 23, 19, 43, and 13. The Powerball number was 16.

There are multiple lotteries taking place around the US with millions of dollars waiting to be won. This week’s multi-state Powerball is expected to be worth $340 million after no one won on Saturday night. Be sure to buy tickets for Wednesday’s draw and you could become a millionaire!

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