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Man Wins Lottery after Listening to His Wife

Man Wins Lottery after Listening to His Wife

A man from Alberta, Canada, has won $15.8 million in the Canadian lottery thanks to his wife making him buy a ticket.

Man Wins Lottery after Listening to His Wife

A man from Alberta won over $15 million in the lottery after his wife persuaded him to buy a ticket

Chad Klepaychuk, who comes from Okotoks, said that he was planning to buy a ticket for the Lotto 6-49 on April 13th. However, he said that he changed his mind while driving to visit his brother just a few hours before the draw.

Luckily for him, his wife urged him to go and buy a ticket so he stopped at a convenience store and bought five quick picks. One of these proved to be one of the four winning tickets for the $64.4 million jackpot.

The other three winners were from British Columbia.

At a news conference on Wednesday Klepaychuk said, “We were watching the news the next morning, and they said there was a winner in Alberta, and showed the numbers. I checked the ticket and saw we had all the numbers. I was in complete disbelief.”

He said that he waited a few weeks before coming forward as he wanted to reality of the win to set it, “I needed to wrap my head around what it meant.”

He is still considering what to do with the money but is considering a “condo on the ocean somewhere” for the winter.

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