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Xtari Games Launches President Nation

Xtari Games-president_nation_logo

A social game company, Xtari Games, has announced the launch of President Nation, a social game that delivers political experience thanks to immersive gameplay, in-depth political strategies and social interactions.

Xtari Games-president_nation_logo

A new social game has been released which allows players to pursue virtual political careers at a local, state and national level

The Founder and CEO and Xtari Games, Dan Rushing, said “President Nation offers players a way to have fun with politics. All things are possible for games. Players can work up the city, state, and national level through different career tracks. If a player wants to become, for example, a Police Commissioner they can work their way up the Police Department by earning higher degrees and networking with other players… We believe this game could help revolutionize social gaming and politics and even spark peoples’ own interest in how they can serve the public.”

The game allows players to follow either local, state or national paths. At local level they can become Police or Fire Commissioner, Councilman or the Mayor. At State level they can become State Legislators, Lt. Governor or the Governor and at a national level they can become US Legislators, Vice-President and President.

The game is currently live on Facebook and available on the Xtari Games website.

OCA News Editor