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King Overtakes Zynga as Largest Social Network

King Overtakes Zynga as Largest Social Network

Zynga is no longer the largest social network as King has announced a larger number of daily active users. Zynga said recently that it has 52 million daily active users while King has 66 million daily active users.

King Overtakes Zynga as Largest Social Network

For the first time King is able to boast a larger number of daily active users than the Zynga.

King has carefully been catching up to Zynga. Riccardo Zacconi the Chief Executive of King said, “King now has more than 66 million daily players of our games, and in Candy Crush Saga, we have a global hit on Facebook and on mobile.

Our players love being able to switch from mobile phone to tablet computer to PC without losing their progress in the game — the cross-platform synchronization that makes that possible is a big reason for our popularity. Our bite-size games are perfect for coffee breaks, bus journeys, or any spare few minutes in your day.”

The Chief Operations Officer at Zynga, David Ko, said that he isn’t too concerned about losing the top spot, “The way I look at it is, we have a belief that social gaming is a huge opportunity … I want to make sure that we’re confident that you’re going to see more of our franchises”.

Furthermore, there are a lot of areas where Zynga is still leading King, but given King’s determination this could easily change.


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