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Michigan Lottery Eager to Move Online

Michigan Lottery Eager to Move Online

Michigan Lottery is keen to start earning revenue from internet ticket sales. The lottery has said it also wants to begin offering online casino games. However, there is strong public opposition to the move and it may be tough to get past the State Senate.

Michigan Lottery Eager to Move Online

Despite strong Republican opposition, the Michigan Lottery is working hard to launch online.

The House has agreed to give the Lottery $3 million in funds to take the lottery online, however, there is much Republican opposition. The lottery wants to ensure that the $3 million is approved in the state budget so that it can launch online by 2014.

The lottery spokeswoman Andi Brancato said, “You can buy almost anything you want on the Internet now. We really should not be any different.”

The Lottery predicts that it will be able to give an extra $8 million to state education within the first year of launching online lottery and casino games. Earlier this year the lottery asked for bids to take its products online and it is expected to announce a winner in June.

However, Mount Pleasant Republican, Kevin Cotter has said, “It’s alarming that the state would be leading the charge in online gambling. State-sponsored, wherever-you-are-gambling on a credit card — that just doesn’t pass the smell test for me.”


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