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Maryland Live Introduces Dealer Staffed Table Games

Maryland Live Introduces Dealer Staffed Table Games

The largest and most successful casino in Maryland, Maryland Live, has introduced dealer-staffed table games. Not only has this created a huge number of jobs, but it has also made the casino even more of a threat to its rivals in Atlantic City and Delaware.

Maryland Live Introduces Dealer Staffed Table Games

Maryland Live has considerably expanded its operations by introducing dealer staffed table games to the casino

Regular gamblers in the area, such as Craps player Nick Giron, have said that they will be spending more time gambling locally as a result. Giron said that he’ll now “probably go to Atlantic City every two weeks, and I’ll come here [Maryland Live] daily to gamble for an hour or so.”

The company which operates Maryland Live, Cordish Cos., is hoping that by demonstrating success in operating the casino it will have a better chance of claiming Philadelphia’s second gaming license which is currently up for grabs.

Cordish is planning a $425 million Live Hotel and Casino. Reed Cordish, the vice president of Cordish Cos., said “We’re a developer of well-designed destination and entertainment projects. We took that experience and applied it to casinos and to gaming. As a result . . . our casino projects are about so much more than just gaming.”

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