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Ontario Woman Wins $40 Million Lottery Jackpot

Ontario Woman Wins $40 Million Lottery Jackpot

A woman from Ontario has won $40 million in the lottery while thinking she had won $40,000.

Ontario Woman Wins $40 Million Lottery Jackpot

After thinking she had won $40,000 Maria Carreiro was shocked to discover she had won ten times as much.

When the woman discovered that her win was ten times larger than she thought she celebrated by wildly singing, dancing and calling out to the heavens.

The woman, Maria Carreiro, lives in Toronto and is an immigrant from Portugal. She bought the ticket at a Variety and Video store in Toronto.

According to reports Carreiro could barely afford the ticket in the first place.

As she received the check she called out “Thank you Lord, thank you Lord!” before explaining to a panel of journalists that she’d been bragging to her daughter about winning $40,000.

Carreiro told a news conference at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Commission office that it was her daughter who informed her of the size of the win, when told she shouted “No way, no way! Oh my god!” Carreiro said that “then I was like, dee-da dee-dee, dee-dee dee. You ask my daughter” before adding “I’m not drunk!”.

Carreiro is planning on sharing the winnings with her three children and five grandchildren. She also hopes to take a trip to Portugal with her husband.

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