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Special North Korea Betting Market at Paddy Power

Special North Korea Betting Market at Paddy Power

It is generally believed that North Korea has completed launch preparations and is capable for firing mobile ballistic missiles at any time.

Special North Korea Betting Market at Paddy Power

While the world watches to see if North Korea starts a war, Paddy Power has opened a special betting market for the occasion

While he world is focused on the extremely grave situation in the region, Paddy Power has open a light hearted North Korea Specials betting market.

For instance, punters will find odds of 6/4 that Kim Jong Un will announce that he has beaten Kim Jong Il’s 38 under par round of golf this year.

Slightly less likely at 5/2 is the heads of North and South Korea publicly signing a joint peace treaty/declaration by the end of the year.

Fans of the film Team America may be interested to hear that there are odds of 20/1 that Team America 2 will be released by the end of 2015. While those who enjoy a sense of the ludicrous may enjoy the odds of 25/1 that North Korea will declare war on the entire world by the end of this year and odds of 33/1 that Kim Jong Un will coach North Korea at the next World Cup.

Finally, there are odds of 200/1 that Kim Jong Un will be photographed at this year’s NBA final.

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