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Jim Collopy Wins Event 2 of Poker Asia Pacific

Jim Collopy Wins Event 2 of Poker Asia Pacific

Event 2 of the World Series of Poker Asia Pacific, an Omaha event with a $1,730 pot-limit yielded an unexpected winner. Jim Collopy walked away with his first WSOP bracelet following his victory over a final table that included ESPN’s No. 2 Marvin Rettemaier and No. 6 Dan Shak.

Jim Collopy Wins Event 2 of Poker Asia Pacific

Jim Collopy bags his first WSOP bracelet after winning Event 2 of Poker Asia Pacific.

Following the dominance of Rettemaier and Shak over the entire tournament it must have felt like a bit of a shock to have Collopy entering the final table with a lead that he kept throughout.

It was Shak who, following 21 hands, began eliminations by beating Rettenmaier’s Kc-Qc-Qh-Jd with his Kd-7d-5c-4c. The final four were Edison Nguyen, Scott Reid, Tino Lechich and Collopy himself but after Lechich and Reid left the table Collopy finally obliterated his opponent in 47 hands.

The 24-year old tournament winner is well known for his online winnings of millions under the name Mr_BigQueso.

His thoughts on the recent win: “Australia is definitely the country where I’ve run best in the world… Skipping the snow and having a three-year endless summer of not ever having to put on socks and shoes is awesome.”

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