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PokerStars Signs Ronaldo to Team SportsStars

PokerStars Signs Ronaldo to Team SportsStars

Online sports gambling and poker is becoming ever more popular in Brazil and operators are fiercely competing for punters. Now PokerStars has signed on 36 year old retired football star Ronaldo as one of their representatives.

PokerStars Signs Ronaldo to Team SportsStars

PokerStars has signed football player Ronaldo as the latest member of PokerStars Team SportsStars.

Ronaldo joins other top Brazilian poker players including Maria Mayrinck, Nacho Barbero, Felipe Mojave and Leo Fernandez.

Ronaldo is considered by many as one of the greatest football players in the world.

He has been crowned FIFA Player of the Year three times and won two world championships; furthermore he holds the record for the most goals scored in the World Cup (15).

Ronaldo has now joined other sports greats, such as Rafa Nadal, Boris Becker and Marcus Hellner on PokerStars Team SportsStars.

Ronaldo is no great poker player, he says that he learned how to play after signing the deal. However, with Brazil being one of the fastest growing jurisdictions for poker players and also a country passionate about football, the deal is sure to profitable for PokerStars. Not only will poker fans be drawn to him, but football fans are also likely to become curious about the game.

OCA News Editor