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Lottery Millions For Lucky Winners in Maine and Virginia

Lottery Millions For Lucky Winners in Maine and Virginia

Luck was on the side of US lottery winners who walked away with jackpot prizes in the million dollar region. In Maine, Bethany Stuck, was the happy recipient of a staggering $2.3 million Megabucks Plus jackpot.

Lottery Millions For Lucky Winners in Maine and Virginia

Maine woman wins $2.3 million jackpot while three soldiers walk away with a million to split

The Fayette resident decided on the cash option and received a onetime lump-sum payment of around $963,000 after taxes.

The Megabucks Plus lottery is played in Maine, Vermont and New Hampshire.

In Virginia, Sgt. 1st Class Robert Gallow, Staff Sgt. Nathan Sutherland and Staff Sgt. David Jenkins, three Fort Lee military men walked away with a $1 million Powerball Jackpot which they decided to split evenly between themselves with each receiving $333,333 before taxes.

While Sutherland and Jenkins are long time lottery players, it was the first time that Gallow joined his comrades and tried his luck at the Virginia Lottery Powerball.

The three military men played with the winning numbers of 17-29-31-52-53, narrowly missing the Powerball number which would have totalled an estimated $320 million.

The lucky ticket was bought in a store in Hopewell. The store owners were also rewarded with $10,000 by the lottery.

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