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Powerball Comes to California

Powerball Comes to California

California lottery players are about to get another chance at winning a life-changing jackpot prize. The multi-state game which is well known for its unbelievably high jackpots will finally be available in the west coast state.

Powerball Comes to California

Powerball lottery is coming to California with local players planning to try their luck.

Powerball officials are hoping that this move to the state will enable potential California winners to buy their lucky tickets nearby, rather than having to cross state borders for the coveted ticket.

Though statistics show chances of striking it rich are pretty slim, potential players are unfaltering in their belief of becoming the next jackpot winner.

Lloyd Howard from Spring Valley is planning to buy his ticket from Spring Valley’s Ray’s Market as he believes their luck is proven following a $2 million winning lotto ticket that was sold here two years ago. Store owner Raymond Kassab is confident that one of his customers will soon walk away with the Powerball jackpot.

Randy Forrester of the lottery’s San Diego District Office is hoping for more people like Howard. “The more times we can get those higher jackpots – the more revenue will come in to education here in California”.

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