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Zynga Further Detaches Itself from Facebook

Zynga Further Detaches Itself from Facebook

Zynga and Facebook are continuing to grow further apart. A few months ago the two companies renegotiated their contract and now Zynga has removed the Facebook login requirement from its homepage.

Zynga Further Detaches Itself from Facebook

Zynga has marked its separation from Facebook by removing the Facebook login requirement from its homepage

Towards the end of last year the two companies agreed that Zynga no longer needed to use Facebook’s monetization platform and Facebook was given permission to develop games which directly competed with Zynga.

In the meantime Zynga has launched a redesigned website that removes the need to sign into Zynga games via Facebook.

Zynga General Manager Tim Caitlin said, “You had to use your Facebook account to play previously, but this is going to change going forward.”

Users may still use their Facebook logins if they so wish, however, it is no longer an intrinsic part of the Zynga website.

Zynga is moving towards a cross-platform setup which will allow users to easily connect to Zynga games via all manner of devices. However, this is still quite a risk for the social gaming company, on one hand it may retain more of its profits rather than handing 30% over to Facebook, but on the other hand it loses a privileged position which exposed its games to millions of potential gamers.

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