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Powerball Jackpot Winner Plans to Help Others with Winnings

Powerball Jackpot Winner Plans to Help Others with Winnings

Pedro Quezada from New Jersey was the lucky winner of last Saturday’s $338 million Powerball jackpot.

Powerball Jackpot Winner Plans to Help Others with Winnings

After winning the $338 million Powerball jackpot, Pedro Quezada has said he hopes to help others using his winnings.

Unsurprisingly Quezada was astonished to win such a life changing amount, “I felt pure joy, just happiness. It’s a gift from God. I never thought I would win such a prize.”

According to Carole Hedinger, the executive director of the New Jersey Lottery, after federal and state taxes Quezada’s prize money comes to around $151 million.

When asked if he will remain in the States or return to the Dominican Republic to celebrate with family and friends Quezada said that he doesn’t know, “I have to think about it, my mind is not clear yet.” However, he did say that he plans on retiring and that he doesn’t want his sons to continue working either.

Quezada is married with five children aged 5 – 23 and has one granddaughter. His wife, was reportedly speechless upon learning of the massive win.

At a news conference Quezada said that he might buy a car with his winnings, when asked what car he has now he replied “my feet”. However, he says that his main goal is to help people with his winnings, “I don’t know exactly how, but I will help those in need.”

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