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The Lottery Winners that Lose it All

The Lottery Winners that Lose it All

It turns out that winning the lottery is not always for the best; Michael Carroll has managed to blow the entirety of a $15 million jackpot he won in 2002 on drugs, parties, cars and prostitutes.

The Lottery Winners that Lose it All

While everyone dreams of winning the lottery, for some it turns out to be a nightmare

By 2010 he was hoping to get his old job back as a rubbish man saying he found “it easier to live off £42 dole than a million.”

Another ‘unlucky’ winner was Janite Lee who won $18 million in 1993. A number of Lee’s investments, including a nondenominational church and a reading room at Washington University went wrong and she had to file for bankruptcy in 1997 with just $700 left.

The bad luck doesn’t stop there, Callie Rogers won $3 million when she was 16 and spent it all on holidays, shopping and cosmetic surgery. By the time she was 22 she had spent all her money, is a single mother of two and has twice attempted suicide.

A final example is Evelyn Adams who won New Jersey’s state lottery twice and managed to lose her $5.4 million winnings.

She lost most of the money at Atlantic City casinos feeding her gambling addiction before ending up living in a caravan.

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