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Facebook Aims To Convert More Users to Gamers

Facebook Aims To Convert More Users to Gamers

Recently Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, said that games on the platform were not doing as well as he hoped and the company is now doing its best to change that.

Facebook Aims To Convert More Users to Gamers

Facebook is trying to find ways of making more users start playing social games as Zuckerberg believes everyone is a gamer.

Zuckerberg believes that everyone is a potential gamer, it’s just a matter of matching the right people to the right games. At present there are 130 games on Facebook with over 1 million active monthly players. In total over 251 million people play games on Facebook each month, a 10% growth on last year.

The Director of Games Partnerships at Facebook, Sean Ryan, says that “The metric we follow is that people play 10 different games each week to see what’s new and hot. Different people are matched up with genres based on their interests. It’s fun but they’re not always good games, they’re “different” games. We’re not here to tell developers how to build the games, but we help them with how to fit in the social layers and put in monetization.”

Another technique Facebook is using is the App Centre, by offering the games in a structured environment, complete with user reviews and the ability to see which games friends are playing, Facebook has found that more people are prepared to give new games a try.

OCA News Editor