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Battle Intensifies Over Hobbit Slot Games

Battle Intensifies Over Hobbit Slot Games

The estate of JRR Tolkien, the author of Lord of the Rings, last year sued Warner Bros for entering into licensing deals with online casino software developers to create games based upon the trilogy.

Battle Intensifies Over Hobbit Slot Games

Warner Bros is counter suing the Tolkien Estate in the battle for rights to create slot machines based upon the author’s books

Now it has been announced that Warner Bros is counter suing the Tolkien estate claiming that the lawsuit brought against it has been detrimental.

Warner Bros says that as the Tolkien Estate breached its contract, they are unable to sign a deal to create a slot game based upon the Hobbit trilogy.

A statement from Warner Bros said, “Because of the repudiation [of licensing rights], Warner has not entered into license agreements of online games and casino slot machines in connection with The Hobbit – a form of customary exploitation it previously had utilised in connection with the Lord of the Rings trilogy – which has harmed Warner both in the form of lost license revenue and also in decreased exposure for the Hobbit films.”

In response the Tolkien estate released a statement saying, “The defendants’ counterclaims are nothing more than an effort to sue the Tolkiens and HarperCollins for suing them. They are entirely without merit and are a classic example of studio ‘bullying tactics’.”

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