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Player Hits £258,670 Jackpot at William Hill Casino

Player Hits £258,670 Jackpot at William Hill Casino

A lucky player at William Hill Casino from the United Kingdom has won a massive £258,670 jackpot playing the slots game Super Spins Bar X.

Player Hits £258,670 Jackpot at William Hill Casino

A lucky player enjoying a game of Super Spins Bar X slots hit the jackpot after betting just 20p.

The player, Richard Taylor, is a 45 year old call centre worker from Burnley and was enjoying the game before going on the night shift at work.

He placed a 20p bet on the game and was not even focused on the computer when he hit the jackpot.

Taylor said, “I had racing on television and had put 20p on the casino game when I heard a horse named Pancake.

I turned away from the computer to look at the horse as I’d not heard it mentioned for ages, and then when I looked back, there were five gold symbols and the winnings were spinning it. Before this I’d never seen more than one gold symbol at any time on the screen. It was amazing as it just came in. When it stopped, the figure was £258,670 and I was completely shocked.”

Taylor is planning on using his winnings to buy a car, make a down payment on a house and buy a season ticket to his local football team.

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