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New Jersey Fantasy Sports Betting Coming Soon

New Jersey Fantasy Sports Betting Coming Soon

While there has been no official announcement on regulations governing fantasy sports betting in New Jersey, there is common consensus over how it is likely to work.

New Jersey Fantasy Sports Betting Coming Soon

Regulations governing fantasy sports betting are being published this week and come into effect next month

The Interactive Media Entertainment &a Gaming Association has said that it expects players to be allowed to draft a pool of athletes, follow their performances and compete against other fantasy teams.

Joe Brennan, the association’s president, said “This gives players the option to deposit money and then play daily fantasy games, where they pick three or five Major League Baseball or National Football League or National Basketball Association players and build an aggregate roster just for that one day… You would just wait till the end of the day to see who wins the prize.”

It is thought that casinos will be able to offer the games themselves or partner with other companies. However, it is not yet known if fantasy bets will be allowed online or if they will have to be made in person at the casino.

Regulations will be published in the New Jersey Register on April 15th and become effective one week later.

OCA News Editor