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Full Tilt Release Software Update

Full Tilt Release Software Update

Full Tilt Poker has released a new software update which included a number of improvements to the tournament functionality and two new games.

Full Tilt Release Software Update

Full Tilt has released a software update which includes new games and improvements to tournament play.

Full Tilt has added five-card stud poker, it is very similar to the more common seven-card stud, but players are dealt one card down and four up instead of three down and four up.

Irish Poker has also been added, it is a variant of Texas Hold’em in which each player receives four hole cards instead of two.

After the flop each player discards one of the hole cards and players’ hands are made up of a combination of the two hole cards and a five community cards.

Full Tilt has also entered a new tournament type called an “Escalator Tournament”. In the tournaments the blind levels are very short at the start and then lengthen as the tournament progresses.

Furthermore, the Early Bird promotion has been introduced to Sit-and-Go tournaments, now players will receive double Full Tilt points for taking part in a sit-and-go.

Tournaments which take place during Happy Hours when points are normally doubled will now award triple points.

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