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Microgaming Launches 3D Blackjack for Windows

Microgaming Launches 3D Blackjack for Windows

Gambling fans which own Xboxes or use Microsoft Windows will be pleased to hear that Microgaming has launched a unique and fun blackjack coaching game, Bronzebeard Blackjack The Strategy Coach, for the two platforms.

Microgaming Launches 3D Blackjack for Windows

Microgaming has released a new Blackjack game which can be enjoyed on Windows mobile devices as well as the Xbox

The game is a 3D multi-level play-for-fun game which teaches you how to play Blackjack and is free to download.

In the game Captain Bronzebeard takes players on an intergalactic, educational adventure.

There are over 60 unique 3D animations, four levels of gameplay and loads of special treasure wins.

The Captain will coach players in Blackjack strategy and has tips for both beginners and pros. However, it is possible to turn him off if you’re looking for a quiet game.

Best of all, the game can also be enjoyed on the new Windows Phone 8 and older Windows Phone operating systems so that you can enjoy it on the go.

According to Neill Whyte, the head of product channels at Microgaming, the game shows the company’s intent to develop for all operating systems and platforms and so far the game has received positive reviews.

If you’re looking to brush-up your Blackjack skills then why not give Captain Bronzebeard a try.

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