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Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot Won

Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot Won

Within the last few days a lucky slots player has won the Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot for a total prize of $889,132.

Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot Won

The largest of the Marvel progressive jackpots has been won, the $889,132 Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot

It has not yet been published who the winner was, or what game they were playing, however, it is rare for this, the largest of the Marvel jackpots, to be won.

All of Playtech’s Marvel slots are linked to four different progressive jackpots; the Power, Super Power, Extra Power and Ultimate Power jackpots. These are all of different sizes and each reset to different values.

The smallest, Power, resets to €50, Super Power to €500, Extra Power to €5,000 and Ultimate Power to €100,000. It is not unusual to see the Ultimate Power jackpot grow to over €1 million.

The jackpots are able to grow so quickly and to such large numbers because of the huge amount of popular games they are linked to. 

Players can win these jackpots playing popular titles such as Iron Man 2, Fantastic 4, Thor, X-Men and the Incredible Hulk. These are some of the most popular slots available as they provide players with a fantastic gameplay experience based upon favourite comic book characters.

OCA News Editor