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Bermudan Man Wins $160,000 Jackpot

Bermudan Man Wins $160,000 Jackpot

A BELCO foreman has won the biggest ever jackpot paid out by a bookmaker in Bermuda. Maynard Dill won $161,000 and was recently present with a giant cheque by Sea Horses.

Bermudan Man Wins $160,000 Jackpot

Maynard Dill won the huge jackpot playing bingo at the Sea Horses casino

Dill has said that he plans to use the money to pay off his mortgage and said that he hopes to be able to help local charities as well.

Dill won the money by correctly matching six numbers in a bingo game called 49ers. He won on Saturday February 23rd but did not realise it until the Wednesday afterwards. Dill said that he has “playing this game for the last four months, but I usually wait until the next week to check my numbers. Then on Wednesday morning I was relaxing at home and my wife came in saying that she had heard that there was $160,000 that had not been claimed at Sea Horses.”

According to his wife, Wilma, he then “flew out of bed and called Sea Horses … Then he went over the numbers on the phone and got more excited as he read them out.”

Sea Horses’ Genearl Manager, Lee Beauchamp, said  “We are highly delighted that a Bermudian has won“.

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