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What’s PokerStars Future in the US?

What’s PokerStars Future in the US?

Last year PokerStars agreed to a deal with the Department of Justice to accept a $731 million forfeiture to the federal government in place of a nine-count indictment.

What’s PokerStars Future in the US?

While PokerStars is well positioned to become a major player in New Jersey, the company faces some difficulties in Nevada.

The deal also absolved PokerStars of any wrongdoing in accepting American customers.

Since then the company has bought a casino in Atlantic City and is well placed to offer internet gambling in the state.

However, PokerStars is unable to apply for a Nevada gambling license as the state’s law forbids licensing companies that accepted bets from U.S. customers after Dec. 31 2006 for at least five years.

This means that until 2018 PokerStars is unable to operate online gambling in Nevada. However, with the possibility of interstate gambling between Nevada and New Jersey, the company is sure to want to set up operations in Nevada.

There is a provision in Nevada’s legislation which would allow it to waive the exclusion. PokerStars would have to file an application for the waiver and then there would be a public hearing to present evidence to support its position.

So while things aren’t immediately promising for PokerStars, there is a chance it could become one of the biggest online gambling operators in the US.


OCA News Editor