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GoldenBoy Releases Gay Casino Theme

GoldenBoy Releases Gay Casino Theme

Online casino provider, GoldenBoysBet, is unique in catering specifically for the gay community and has just launched a new ‘Homosexual Theme’ for the website.

GoldenBoy Releases Gay Casino Theme

GoldenBoy casino has become the first to offer a gay theme for the website

There are plans to release more risqué themes in the near future; each theme changes the look and feel of the whole website.

The marketing manager at GoldenBoysBet, Philip, said “We have evolved the look and feel of the site over the past six months and we feel that the new design is far more current and appealing to our customers.

As well as a change to the website we decided to add the feature for customers who wanted something different. We therefore added the ability for customers to change the overall look of the site to suit their own tastes.

We have tried to provide lots of choice no matter what interests or backgrounds people have. We have included some interesting general themes with great artwork as well as more diverse themes such as Gay. We believe that we are the first online casino to offer such a choice to our customers”.

Other risqué themes which are due to be released include Erotic, Girlie, Macho, S&M and Geisha. Regardless of the customer’s chosen theme, all the same games and gambling opportunities are available.

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