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Sony Launches PlayStation 4

Sony Launches PlayStation 4

Last week Sony unveiled the new PlayStation 4 along with its vision of the “future of gaming”, a world full of mobile devices and games streamed from the internet.

Sony Launches PlayStation 4

Sony launched its latest console last week and placed the focus on the future of cloud gaming.

Computer Entertainment Unit Chief, Andrew House, said that the PS4 “represents a significant shift from thinking of PlayStation as a box or console to thinking of the PlayStation 4 as a leading place for play.”

However, Sony did not actually show the physical device at the launch event. During a two-hour presentation Sony spoke ambiguously about the device, instead they tried to appeal to developers about the possibilities the PS4 brings.

The device will allow gameplay to be broadcast in real time and it has been designed to learn player habits in order to predict and preload games which they are likely to buy. According to David Perry, Chief of Gaikai cloud gaming, a company Sony purchased last year, Sony is intending to build “the most powerful network for gaming in the world”.

Gaikai allows people to play games streamed from the internet instead of buying disks. Perry said that “by combining PlayStation 4, PlayStation Network and social platforms, our vision is to create the first social network with meaning dedicated to games.”

OCA News Editor