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Man Hits Slot Jackpot After Friend’s Funeral

Man Hits Slot Jackpot After Friend’s Funeral

A man from Michigan went to play the slot machines at the Palace Casino after attending his friend’s funeral last Friday and hit a $7.2 million progressive jackpot.

Man Hits Slot Jackpot After Friend’s Funeral

A man won $7.2 million while playing the slots in memory of his recently departed friend

According to Palace Casino advertising and PR manager, Lisa Quirch, Tyler Morris won the jackpot while playing The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship.

Morris’ usual choice of games is craps; however, he felt he should try the slot machines in memory of his friend who had always enjoyed playing the slot games at the Palace Casino.

Quirch said, “Tyler said he felt his friend was watching over him and had blessed him with the big win”.

According to Mary, Morris’ wife, their old car had over 200,000 miles on it so they purchased a new one in order to travel to South Mississippi to attend the funeral. Thanks to the jackpot win they can now afford to pay off the car.

They are also planning to spend some of the money on their children, granddaughter and their soon-to-be new grandbaby as well as carrying out repairs to the roof of their business. The Morris’ manufacture weathervanes and house numbers.

The slot machine’s progressive jackpot has now reset to $200,000.

OCA News Editor