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Sony to Reveal PlayStation 4

Sony to Reveal PlayStation 4

There are rumours that Sony is going to reveal its PlayStation 4 this week with plans to launch it in November.

Sony to Reveal PlayStation 4

Rumours are flying that Sony will reveal its PlayStation 4 console at a special event this week.

According to rumours, the console will have two separate price points, $429 and $529, however, the retail price isn’t expected to be announced until after E3 and it isn’t known in what way the two packages are different.

Furthermore, it is expected that Sony is going to start charging for its online services. The company is planning to phase out its free service and replace the recently upgraded PlayStation Plus with a new subscription service known as PlayStation World.

It is thought that every PS4 will come with a PlayStation Eye and every game will include a spectator mode.

Some rumours are reporting that the system will be controlled via a SmarGlass-like tablet/phone app while there were reports earlier this week that the controller will feature some kind of touch screen.

This week there is a special event being held by Sony in New York where it is assumed the new console will be unveiled. However, this is still unconfirmed and it is not yet known when more details will become available.

OCA News Editor