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Huge Weekend Jackpot Wins Across the States

Huge Weekend Jackpot Wins Across the States

Last Friday a man from Michigan won $7,217,175 while playing the penny slots at the Palace Casino Resort in Mississippi.

Huge Weekend Jackpot Wins Across the States

Last weekend saw two massive jackpot wins for some lucky US based gamblers

Tyler Morris had been at a friend’s funeral earlier in the day and decided to go and play the penny slots in memory of his friend’s favourite gambling pastime.

Morris was playing The Lord of the Rings slot when he won and was soon presented with a cheque from the Palace Casino.

After receiving his winnings Morris told Lisa Quirch, the PR manager at the casino, that he felt his friend had influenced his luck, “Tyler said he felt his friend was watching over him and had blessed him with the big win.”

Morris said that he intends to use the winnings to pay off some debts, repair the roof of their house and spend some of the money on their children and grandchildren.

In other news, Florida Lottery announced that a lucky lottery player from Key West is the only one to match all six numbers from Saturday’s draw and win the $17 million jackpot. The ticket was sold at the Publix Supermarket on Roosevelt Blvd, it is not yet known who the winning ticket belongs to.

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