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Ashton Kutcher Fronted National Betting Syndicate

Ashton Kutcher Fronted National Betting Syndicate

The actor Ashton Kutcher has claimed to have been the “front of the largest national sports-betting syndicate”. The actor said that he had spent half of a college football season placing bets for a syndicate.

Ashton Kutcher Fronted National Betting Syndicate

Ashton Kutcher has claimed that he was the front man for America’s largest sports betting syndicate.

Kutcher said, “We were clearing, like, $750,000 in four weeks of college football. It was pretty fun. Then they caught on. The hypothesis had been that the house would just assume that I was a dumb actor with a lot of money who liked football.”

One Las Vegas sportsbook manager said that he was familiar with Kutcher’s betting in the early 2000s.

According to the bookie, who has chosen to remain anonymous, “they thought they had a sucker on the hook, then he won $800,000 in four weeks, they had to shut him down.”

The author Michael Konik wrote a book, “The Smart Money: How the World’s Best Sports Bettors Beat the Bookies out of Millions” and it is widely believed that Kutcher is one of the characters In the book. When asked Konik said, “My book ‘The Smart Money’ is a non-fiction memoir that includes an explanatory note about honouring privacy, I have no further comment.”

Other celebrities including Bruce Willis, Floyd Mayweather, Phil Mickelson and Phil Ivey are also rumoured to be part of the syndicate.

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