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Bet On Your Favourite Poker Player

Bet On Your Favourite Poker Player

A new Facebook application allows poker fans to bet on poker. Zokay Entertainment launched GPI Fantasy Poker Manager which is a based upon Zokay’s own GPI ranking system, the Global Poker Index.

Bet On Your Favourite Poker Player

A new Facebook application lets players bet on the progress of their favourite online poker players.

The Global Poker Index ranks international online poker players based upon their tournament results. The new game allows poker fans to bet on their favourites online players based upon their position in the poker rankings.

Players start the game with a budget of $1 million, they then pick their favourite online poker play and bet on the according to the ‘market value’ on the Global Poker Index.

Players are then awarded points on the Fantasy Poker Leader-board depending on how their chosen player performs in real online poker tournaments.

Alexandre Dreyfus, the Chief Executive Officer of Zokay Entertainment said that the new game “fills an important spot in the poker community, acting as a bridge between online poker, social poker, and live tournament poker.

It will help promote poker as the sport that it is and will bring the fans and professionals of poker closer together. The Fantasy Poker Manager is a natural extension for the GPI, which is the best and most well recognized ranking system of poker players worldwide.”

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